School Introduction

School Introduction by Students (English)/在校生による学校紹介(英語)

Location and Neighborhood
School’s building
School’s gym
Our auditorium
PC room
School shop1
School shop2
School’s toilets

Location and Neighborhood

Kaichi Nihonbashi Junior High School is located in the center of Tokyo.
Do you have any idea of Japanese sightseeing spots? There are many famous sightseeing spots such as Sensoji temple and Akihabara near my school. Sightseeing spots are also good resources for studying.
When I was a 1st grader, we`ve done “TANKYU” project that means research.


My “TANKYU” project was about Sensoji temple`s history and location. In most school, students can only get information from reading books or looking up on the internet. However, we could go there to research. That was an extremely useful resource for me.“TANKYU” has changed my image toward studying.
I think that this school makes me positive for studying because this school always gives me a lot of opportunities to study such as “TANKYU”. So I can learn more new knowledge easily. If I use this environment effectively, I`ll be smarter. I`m looking forward to seeing you soon!


School’s building

How many buildings does your school have? My school has two because the school is small. So, we don’t have large space. What do we do in two buildings? We have classes in the first building. We have clubs in the second building.


For example, art club, dance club and drama club use the second building.Art club uses most space. High school students have classes in it.I’m using the second building but I’m a Junior high school student. Why do I use? Because I’m in the drama club. We started club, club president said “let’s go to the second building.” I think it’s so troublesome. But, if we do club in the first building, we don’t have large space. So, we do club most small class room or hall way but second building’s room is large. It’s very good space. I enjoy club very much. Second building can makes me smile.



This school’s entrance is barrier-free. Common Junior high school’s entrance in Japan has bumps or steps at the entrance, but this school’s entrance is flat.
This entrance is also safe, because it has had strong security systems.
1. Outside the entrance, there are machines to scan an ID card. If you put the card on the machines, you can open the door from outside. However if you forget the card, you can’t come into the school. With this system, strangers can’t come into our school. So, I can feel safe with this entrance and these security systems. Don’t forget to bring your card when you’re going outside of the school after class!
2. Also, there is a system to send an e-mail to your parents by putting the card on the machines. These machines are inside of the school. With this system, parents can check that you are safe.



Hello. This picture shows our classroom. Students are in the classroom. We have a home room every morning with Mr. Jason in the classroom. He says “take out your bag”, because some students’ lockers are dusty, and their lockers are out of their lockers. Jason is very tidy. Are you tidy? I changed myself to become tidy, because I was influenced by Jason. Now, Jason is teaching us how to organize our lockers. We try to keep our lockers clean. Therefore, my classroom is always clean.


Our school stands along Kanda river.I like the wind from Kanda river. That wind is comfortable like Hawai! This class is not noisy even when I open the window. That is nice, because I can concentrate to study hard with comfortable wind. In this classroom I’d like to improve English and Math with my classmates and also want to enjoy my school life.



Do you like your classroom? I think our classrooms are very good, because this school has many good points. For example, first we use desks. Some countries which has no desk in the class. If there isn’t a desk,it’s hard to write on notebooks.Second, my class room is clean, because we clean our classroom by ourselves after school.We can learn how to be responsible by cleaning it by ourselves.I’m tidy thus it’s good to enter this school. I can give it pleasant school life. This habit makes us comfortable, because classrooms are clean. Third, the colors of the door of the classrooms are different from floor to floor. The I was first grade, our class color of the door have been orange. The third floor is blue.The fourth floor is green.I think it’s very interesting.




Do you like P.E? My school’ PE class uses at gym.
This school’s gym is very nice because, student can play a lot of sports.
This picture shows high school students are playing badminton.
And the students uses important at the gym events like morning meeting every week and entrance ceremony at spring.


Students use gym at P.E class, noon break and after school. They can play in the gym with friends at noon break. We use it for club activities afterschool.
Japanese school is on the one floor. But our gym is on the seventh floor in our school building. This is the difference between our school and other school. But this gym is very nice.So I can come to like P.E with friends.


School’s gym

We have a gym on the 7th floor. We use the gym for class, club, and morning meetings. We can use the gym to play sports at lunch time only because club use gym at after school. We enjoy playing many kinds of sports such as badminton, and basketball. If we want to play sports, we go to the gym. However, we can’t play soccer and baseball in the gym because we mustn’t break the window, so we play soccer and baseball on the rooftop.
I like to play basketball with friend at lunch time in the gym. She is good at playing basketball. She has taught me basketball skill, so I can use her good skill. I look forward to playing basketball with her. So I am fond of going to school. I think if we can play many sports at the gym, we can have happy school life.


Our auditorium

Please look at this picture. Where is this? This is an auditorium.
I think the auditorium is cool because the auditorium has many functions. For example, a sound and lighting system.
The main function is that the chairs of auditorium can be stored in the back.
We can retract chairs any time we want.


We can do school introduction session without chairs and conversely, we can dance at PE class and we can do club activities with chairs.
But if the chairs of auditorium can’t be store in the back, some clubs can’t do activities at the same time. Also we may need to go up to gym to do dance class. So, our PE class may be decreasing. If so, I’m sad because my favorite subject is PE. In this way, we can make the auditorium very useful.



Our school has a hall. It is on the 5th floor. The hall has many chairs, so we use the hall for lectures and doing exams, besides we use the hall for P.E., too. The machine can automatically store the chairs, so we use the hall as a gym for P.E. We practice dancing every week in the hall.


Our school doesn’t have much place, so we use the hall for many things.
Many clubs use the hall. For example, dancing club, kendo club, and table tennis club use the hall.If our school didn’t have this system, we could use the hall only for lectures, so we would not be enjoying P.E. class or club activities. We can do many things in the hall, so we can dissipate stress in the hall. The hall is very important for us and it gives us enjoyable time.



Our school library is on the first basement floor. We enjoy reading books in the library at free time and after school. It’s has had many books. For example, we can read history books, novels, fiction, old newspapers and comics. Besides, we can watch movies. Seniors use the library for classes.


Some students begin studying before exam with friends in the library. To study with friends is good, because we can teach and ask our friends difficult problems. From that, we will benefit.Most of other Japanese libraries have nice inside decorate. However, our school library is not nicely decorated. Although our school library has a sofa. I sit on that sofa, I relax and read books, and our school library has foreign countries’ books. I read that books on the sofa. Thus, I can be curious about foreign countries.
I think if you come to our school library, you’d like it.


PC room

In this school, we have a PC room. There are many computers, and students can use them in many ways. If they are busy at home, students finish their reports on the PC, They can work on home works here instead of doing them at home. Computers have helped me finish my homework many times. There is the PC club which uses PC room for club activities. We also use them for technology classes. Therefore, PC room is very useful for many kinds of things.
By using computers for the project, you would be able to work on the project faster. I think using the PC room and the computer influence to the speed of finishing the project, and from that, I can become a person who can work on the project efficiently. Therefore, PC room is a important place for school lives.


School shop1

I will talk about this school’s shop. Is there a school shop in your school? My school has school shop. It is on the 1st floor. We can buy many snacks and ice creams at the school shop so the students mustn’t eat snacks after school. However, the school shop has many rules for example, the students mustn’t eat snacks at break time. Why must the students not eat snacks at break time? Because, students can eat snacks at a class.
If there is no school shop? I think that the chances to talk with my friends will be smaller at school shop so, school shop is useful for as to raise communication skill. When I was first grader, I was very shy so I couldn’t make friends easily but I have a lot of friends right now, because I have gone to school shop so, I can spend very good school life.


School shop2

I will introduce this school shop.
Does your school have a school shop? Our school has a school shop. This school’s School shop is on the 1 floor. If we forget lunch, but the school shop sells bread etc. The school shop has a lot of kinds of food. For example, the shop has rice balls, jelly, gummy candy and snack etc. They are very cheap of other school shops. Pleas look at this picture!


This is my school’s school shop. The school shop sells ice cream, So they are popular for students. I like ice cream very much. I ate three ice cream in one day.I eat ice cream in winter.The school shop is very convenient. Moreover the school shop help to us. How?For example, before I didn’t make a lunch box. My mother gave money to me. So Icould buy lunch. Also, I ‘m always hungry. so I need the school shop!


School’s toilets

Is your school’s toilet clean? My school toilets have cleaned because some janitors clean toilets every day. My school toilets have washlets. After using washlets, our body become clean, but many foreign schools don’t have a washlet. If there are washlets in the schools all over the world, your life will be more comfortable. Also, my school toilets have toiletpapers and Hand-wash facilities. So, we have become more clean.
Girls enjoy talking in the girls’room. They can have conversation at the girls’room because it is quiet and it make us comfortable. For example, we talk about love. Toilets are calm places and we can think calmy. So, the toilet should be clean. If toilets are beautiful our hearts become beautiful. I think that we have to thank janitors. Also, I believe that I have to thanks to a lot of people because they give me calm places.


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