Transfer examinations


Implementation Date

July 8 December 18

March 12

Start of the school day

September~ January~

April of the following year


【Target grade】※As of December 2023


1st Year Middle School

2nd Year Middle School

3rd Year Middle School

1st Year High School


 ※ ◯…Available in all courses

   △…Available in some courses only

    ✕…Not available

 ※Transfer examinations will be held only when there are vacancies in each grade and course.

 ※Transfer examinations are not conducted after the 2nd year of high school.

 ※If you wish to take DP (from 2nd year of high school), you must have been enrolled in the school

  since April of your first year of high school.

 ※For applicants from within Japan, we only accept transfer exams due to reasons such as moving to

  a new address.

【Examination Contents】
 Japanese, Mathematics, English, Interview
 ※The contents of the examinations will be decided by the class progress of the relevant school year.
【Examination Process】

 ①Please fill out the  contact form and provide us with your child’s date of birth and the course you are


②The official application for the examination must be made two weeks before the examination date.

③ Once the application is confirmed the school’s Educational Affairs Department will inform you of

 the examination guidelines.

④ The results will be announced on the day of the examination.

 If you have any questions, please  use the contact form.

 Please note it may take up to one week for a response.