By: Steven Platt


The art room has been very busy lately. It got a makeover and the wall between the art room and the teacher’s room was taken down. The art room is now much bigger, but before we said goodbye to the wall, the students got to try some real graffiti!


Check out the picture below:

The students have been very busy creating art this semester. They are doing their best to be risk-takers and showing off their creativity. Our goal this year is to have more of the students’ artwork displayed throughout the school. 



中1 – Students have been experimenting with their new paint sets. They have been learning lots of new techniques such as splatter art, drip painting and decalcomania. They will eventually combine their artworks together and make one big mural. 







中2 – The students are working together in groups and creating posters that express social issues in the world. They will develop their teamwork and communication skills by working together to make art that expresses a message about the world we live in. These posters will bring awareness to the issues by being displayed throughout the school.







中3 – They are also working in groups and making artwork inspired by music. Each group will choose a song and then decide on a theme for their artwork. They are free to choose from a wide variety of ways to express their song. After they create their artworks, they will give a presentation to their classmates and explain the song they chose and how it inspired their artwork. 

Here is a link to see some of the other artwork that previous classes created: