By: Otoha Kitazume


This year’s PP mid-presentation had to be done differently than other years’ due to the state of emergency that was announced right before the presentations were originally scheduled to be held. It was an unfortunate situation. 

However, I took this situation as an opportunity to challenge myself in a way I couldn’t have done if it were an in-person presentation. I was able to express my emotions better and be more confident with my overall presentation, as well as thinking of my own methods of showing my feelings through my tone, which was amazing.


What I presented is my goal of creating an artistic photography book that highlights three social issues that I think are crucial in Tokyo. There are many issues that are becoming more and more serious at a concerning speed, but people aren’t paying attention to them. To make this situation better, what can I do? How can I make people be interested and feel motivated to step up in regard to these problems? 

2021 PP Video Slide 3
2021 PP Video Slide 2

The answer I came up with was to create my very own photography book for people to see. It will be a challenge to create it in a way that people will understand its message and be convinced to be more involved, but I’m definitely looking forward to facing challenges to reach the goal. 


There were challenges, of course. We were told to do this presentation in the pechakucha style, which is basically a style where the timer for each slide is set, and the slides change automatically, and in this case, each slide was set to 20 seconds.

Believe it or not, it was more complicated than you think. It was a struggle to fit in what I wanted to say within such a short time without talking so fast. It even got to the point where I didn’t understand what I was saying, which had me wasting a lot of time.To all the younger IB students, do practice your presentation.


Personally, I believe that this presentation is great in the sense of sharing our individual projects, and knowing what others are doing, but also it’s good for myself since I can understand where I’m at with the project, which helps me process what I should do next more easily.