Share My Activity Introduction

By: Sola Kawahara


I love working on extra-curricular activities, and CAS, which stands for Creative, Active, Service, helps support my interest. For one of my CAS projects, I created a web application called Share My Activity, or SMA, for short. It’s a hub where people can share their extracurricular activities. Students can use this app to gain inspiration for their next activities or work collaboratively amongst each other through the announcement feature.


Because of the outbreak of Covid 19, quarantining made us stay indoors more than out, reducing the amount of opportunities for people to interact with one another. With this, it’s harder for younger students to have a grasp of what to do for their next activities. as they have no opportunities to communicate with their upperclassmen. I am hoping that this app can act as a solution to this problem, and by designing and adding features that are user friendly, have people stay more active on the site.

This web app was made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I learned how to make websites during my junior year in high school. Ever since then, I have been working on a lot of web based projects non stop. Because I had prior experience in creating logos and user interfaces, implementing these designs in my web projects enabled me to see my designs being used in real life and led to my motivation. What makes programming fun is that you can create things you want or solve problems or issues you think can be solved with software.


I faced several challenges that have helped me grow my web development and design skills. Basic app features such as writing and getting information from the database took some time for me to wrap my head around. I also needed to create designs that speak for themselves, meaning they didn’t require instructions, since my main user base consisted of young students who may not all be used to using computers. Overall, I think creating this app has helped me think from a user first stand point.


In the future, I am planning to have SMA be integrated into the school website so that parents within our school and those outside of it can see what activities students at our school are working on. To keep the application active even after I graduate from this school, I am also planning to leave behind a group of people as a management team, and at the same time, hopefully have them find a new interest in technology and programming.



6年7組の川原太陽です。わたしは、IBDPの課外活動であるCASというプログラムを通して、プログラミングに関する多くのプロジェクトに携わりました。特に力をいれたプロジェクトは、Share My Activity(SMA)というアプリの開発です。このアプリでは、生徒や教員が、CASをはじめとする課外活動での取り組みを紹介することができます。生徒はこのアプリを通し、ストリームを見て次行う活動のインスピレーションを得たり、アナウンス機能を通じて、他の生徒と協働することができます。