Story Project: Writing "The Story of Ophelia"

By: Seishu Li


My friends and I gave a presentation to the class in July about “The Story of Ophelia.” This is an original fairy tale that was made by us. I tried to make this project a memorable presentation.


Using various techniques, we wrote the story in Japanese first and then tried to translate it to English. But it did not go well as we didn’t know how to translate into English that is easy for everyone in the class to understand. So I asked some classmates to read and inform us where they couldn’t understand and advised us to use more simple expression sentences. We achieved making our project simple and easy for everyone.


By attracting everyone’s attention using a tablet for our drawings. it becomes an attractive piece as well as memorable. We wanted to cheer with happiness and pleasure that our piece was hung on the wall so other people could see and know about our project. 


We were very happy, and this was a very good experience for me.

Click the first photo to read the story. 最初の写真をクリックすると読めます。

Teacher Note:

This project challenged third year junior high school students to write and present an original fairytale. Over the course of 1 month, they had to create the characters, story, and images for their book.  Below are some of the most exceptional books the students created.


このプロジェクトでは、中学3年生がオリジナルのおとぎ話を書き、発表することに挑戦しました。登場人物、ストーリー、イメージなどを1ヶ月間かけて作り上げていきました。  その中でも特に優れた作品をご紹介します。

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