Our TBC Experience

1st Year Experience

By: Senmei and Haruka

TBC was one of the most valuable experiences for us first graders. During our time there, we followed the lead of our seniors, and realised how reliable they were. Not only were they organised, but they also made us feel welcomed and included the entire time. The whole goal of the TBC was to learn how to cooperate and respect each other. Although there were many flaws throughout the experience, we feel as though we may have started to understand what it is like to cooperate, and respect each other’s views. Through the team-building activities, we gained an understanding of how fast it was to become a team with people by cooperating to achieve shared goals. Through our presentation, we received a lot of helpful advice from our experienced seniors, acquired different perspectives on a singular topic and learnt to respect each and every one of them, even if we may not agree sometimes. Lastly, we would like to thank our seniors for organising such a wonderful TBC for us. Next year it’s our turn to organise the TBC and welcome the new students. We will certainly take the knowledge  from this experience, and pass it on to the next, to make an even better TBC.



By: Chiharu, Yuna, and Amane

“TBC is a place to build a team not a group,” this quote was in my head the entire time I was at TBC. At first, I couldn’t fully understand the difference between the words “team” and “group,” but after going through the TBC I could define the difference between both the words. One of my favourite parts of TBC was the school song contest. It was the last day, the fun time had passed and it was time for the school song contest. There, we were taught to do our best and I remembered what the 2nd graders told us to keep in mind, which were, to be confident, stand straight, and to sing loudly. At least, when the teachers announced that the E team won, I was a bit sad, but also very happy since my friend was in that group and she was able to receive a special mechanical pencil as a gift. Seeing how much effort the second graders put into organising TBC inspired me to want to become more of an empathetic person. I hope that when I get the chance to plan TBC I can do as well as them.


2nd Year Perspective

By: Akira Gomi

To us 2nd graders, it was actually the first time to go on a trip. Last year, we couldn’t go to TBC due to Coronavirus, so we were very excited to go on a trip for the first time as Kaichi NIhonbashi Gakuen students. TBC stands for “Team Building Camp.” It is an event for us 2nd graders and 1st graders to interact with each other and improve our relationship. We went to Nasu in Tochigi. The events during TBC were very fun and we got to collaborate with each other. There were big events such as team building and going to the Nasu animal kingdom.


 The main event was tankyu presentations. We have prepared for this presentation for more than two months, and we all worked hard. Our group worked on a theme which was, “What will happen if religions of the world assembled in Japan?” We prepared for this presentation by first looking for some questions about Nihonbashi.

Thinking about the question was the most challenging part for us. We worked hard so the presentation was a big success and we were able to demonstrate our efforts. I think that TBC will always be fun and important since we usually don’t get time to collaborate with other grades. I want to thank all the teachers and the TBC committee for planning all of this for us. 


 Of course, the big events were fun, but the small events were fun too. For example, talking with our classmates in the hotel rooms and talking with people from other classes was very fun. Through TBC, not only did we get to connect with the 1st graders, but I think we bonded more with our classmates. Once again, it was an exciting and joyful TBC!




By: Elena Korts-Pärn


Since this year’s TBC was the first time for the second graders to experience such an event, we didn’t know a lot of things, especially since other similar events like isono field work were canceled last year. So,  I was surprised that it was this successful and I’m glad a lot of students were  able to have fun and I’m sure a lot of students were able to create a stronger bond with their fellow classmates, even for the classes that haven’t changed their members like the DLC and GLC classes. I also felt like I was able to interact with the new first grade students more, and it made me really happy to finally be able to get to know them. I was also in the TBC committee and in the committee, we worked hard to create a fun TBC for everyone, even while not knowing much about it, and I’m very happy to be able to see that TBC was a success. I was also probably able to improve my leadership skills so I would definitely recommend joining the TBC committee before the 2nd year as it brings many benefits!

There were four main events which were the inquiry presentations, going to the Nasu Animal Kingdom – where an activity was conducted – the team building activities, and the school song contest. In all of those events, I felt the second years were able to form a friendship with the first years and since TBC, I’ve been experiencing many interactions between the first and second years, so I thought that this was a really great opportunity, and I’m very grateful for it. Other than those four main events there were things like the opening and closing ceremony, practicing for the school song contest, and of course, the meals, showering, and all those typical activities done at this type of event. Even in those smaller activities, I felt that I was able to connect with my classmates even more, although I have already been with them for one year.


Overall, I’m really grateful for being able to go to TBC even amidst the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and although many things were changed compared to the last few TBCs, like having to separate things like locations more to prevent spread of infection, I personally think that it was a great success as a participant as well as being one of the people on the TBC committee, and I would like to thank everyone who cooperated to make this event a success.






See you at next year's TBC!