The two weeks that I spent in Poland flashed by. Last year in the fall, I decided to participate in an online international piano competition (Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition) to test my skill and ability, which later changed my life dramatically. Moreover, this piano competition was a Chopin-related piano competition and, since I look up to him the most, I thought this piano competition was perfect for me. This piano competition allows the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize to visit Poland and perform at the famous concert hall. Contentedly, I succeeded in the first round of this competition and earned the 3rd prize in the final round. The reason why I decided to participate in this piano competition is because my favorite composer is Chopin. I think he is the most tremendous composer since every piece of music he makes is elegant. His alluring melody heals my heart and makes me feel relaxed. Not only this reason but also when I was 5 years old, just about a year when I started learning how to play piano, my piano teacher gave me a CD of Chopin’s piano concerto, which inspired me to play more of his music. Since I listened to that CD, I had always wanted to visit Chopin’s hometown and explore his music more. 


In what felt like the blink of an eye, the 2-week trip to Poland had already started. Everything was special to me. 


3 days after my arrival, I performed at The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra hall, the place where Chopin International Piano Competition is held every 5 years. Every sound I made bounced like a bubble just when I started playing. Not only this, but this concert hall echoed every sound I played, which sounded like a crystal diamond. I also had an opportunity to perform at a castle as well, in a small city called Pszczyna. The chandeliers were sparkling and there were gorgeous ceilings and tremendous monuments. This castle inspired me to play the music more elegantly. 


In addition to performing at the recital hall, I had the great chance to take a master class. I took Professor Jasinski’s class, who was one of the judges of the Chopin International Piano Competition. He gave me a lot of valuable advice which allows me to play Chopin’s music even more attractively and charmingly. 


I really want to thank all my parents, teachers, and friends who supported me, and I hope I can go back to Poland again!

私は、去年の秋にChopin Avenue International Piano Competition というコンクールで3位入賞し、ポーランドに招待されるというとても良い機会がありました。私は、幼い頃からショパンの曲がとても好きで、いつかポーランドで演奏したいという憧れの気持ちが強く、今回、2週間ほどポーランドに滞在したのですが、そこでは経験したことのない様々な学びが待っていました。