Oxford Big Read at KNG 2024

By: Natsumi Tsukamoto


Oxford Big Read is a competition where we create a poster that introduces an Oxford reader book. The posters are required to have a brief summary and recommendation written in english. All of the first graders worked on the posters accordingly through summer break until near the end of second term. The posters were then judged by art and homeroom teachers to select five participants in each class to enter in the contest. 


To design my artwork, I decided to create a plan on how I would work on it. Before our summer break, my art teacher assigned all the first graders “Big Read Booklets” to guide us through how we would create our posters. In the Big Read Booklet, we could create three drafts of our artworks to brainstorm. My plan was to study pop art, make three drafts, narrow it down to one, and mix in my creativity on it.


The book I chose was “King’s Ransom” by Ed McBain. This story is about a rich tycoon named Douglas King. He owns all the money anyone would like to have, and even has a beautiful wife named Diana and a son. He lives in a mansion, and has a chauffeur. He even has an upcoming business deal to make him the head of the shoe company, and is living the life he dreamed of… until two men decide they want to crush it from him. They attempt to kidnap Douglas’s son, only to take the wrong boy and kidnap his chauffeur’s son. The two men then demanded a ransom of $500,000 to Douglas King, which was necessary to make his important business deal… Will he choose to waste his business deal he waited forever for and save his chauffeur’s son, or grasp the deal and kill the innocent boy?


Furthermore, I focused on the aesthetic outlook of my design. Since pop art was new to me, I had to study face structures when drawing people, and what shades are mainly used in the art style. I believe this was also a good opportunity to mix in my creativity. My poster was going to have a character’s face in pop art and have a yellow background to make the mood bright. However, since I felt like there was no liveliness, I decided to make the background similar to comics to have some action. After I finished creating my poster, I made sure it looked just as I imagined it.


The project made me realize how difficult creating something from scratch can be like. For example, I had to throw my idea away and restart designing the poster again because it felt like there was no emotion to it. In addition, I had to manage my time and create a step-by-step plan since I knew that rushing to design it would lessen the value of the poster. I also had to think of how to attract the reader’s attention with my creativity. Due to this, it took some progress such as making sure my poster has the vibe I am hoping for, asking my friends and teachers for advice, and trusting myself. Overall, I believe this was a great experience to learn the process of creating.

By: Mariko Bannai


Oxford Big Read is to put it simply drawing a recommendation and summary poster for an Oxford reader book.


First, we thought of the poster’s composition and passage as homework in the summer vacation.


After that, we made the poster as a second term summative assignment.

All the first years made a poster. Ultimately, the art teacher and homeroom teacher selected excellent posters. The excellent posters participated in the official contest.


We chose the contents of the book appropriate for ourselves and our favorite series book. I made use of an English dictionary for difficult English words to deepen my understanding of the story. I made a poster that referenced my favorite artist’s art. So I had a good time.


Throughout this contest, I learned to enjoy drawing pictures and enjoy ingenuity. And I learned my favorite artist’s art style and English etc. I enjoyed studying.