Images of this year's published novels. There are 3 volumes which are purple and covered in the cover art of the students' stories.

By: Elena Korts-Pärn


In English class for the second term of 3rd year, we made our own short stories and got them published recently. Throughout the semester, we practiced toward working on these books through reading short stories and learning about what kinds of things are important to consider when writing a story. For example, we learned about DIDLS, which is a way to analyze the tone of a script by looking at the diction, imagery, detail, language, and structure. Also, we utilized a website called 4theWords to practice writing stories, which a lot of people loved. Many could be seen using it in the morning and after school; basically any free time they had. When it came to actually composing the stories, although it was a formative assignment and it did not affect our grades, a lot of students could be seen committing to it. I know that some people (including myself) submitted it late because we were so devoted to and passionate about completing our pieces, which I think really shows how much fun we had doing this project.


The book is filled with many different genres, each of them conveying a fraction of the main character’s life to the reader in each author’s unique style. My story “Humane,” for instance, is a mix of romance and horror about a girl who wakes up from a strange dream and goes on to live her life as she always has, but gets involved in a car accident where she meets a kind stranger. I tend to use many metaphors and similes, so although it was a challenge to make sure I can correctly communicate the image in my head to the readers, I had a terrific time writing it. 


I haven’t read all of the stories yet, but they really show each author’s individuality, and are definitely an enjoyable read, so I hope you’ll read them!


Teacher Note:

As a part of our third year English curriculum, the students have written and published their own original stories. A copy of these novels will be available in our school library soon! In the meantime, check out some of our published works and some of their excerpts below! 

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Different Color / Be Careful of Bad Mushrooms

Tac and Alien / German Troop

A Beautiful Story in a Rose Garden

Novel Excerpts


          My legs were pulled with an immense force towards the void, which I could barely see – about a few hundred meters from me. I can’t see what exactly is pulling my legs, perhaps I was heading towards a black hole, though then it wouldn’t make sense that I can breathe. My heart’s pulsation got faster and faster every breath I took; the fear was taking control of me, and I could not fight back. I was surrounded by a swirl of bright colors intertwined with each other and moving as fast as the speed of light. It was a colorful wall, opaque and unrevealing of what was beyond it, perhaps protecting me from the dangers that awaited me. I’ve been in here forever now, this never ending force tugging on all my body since the dawn of time, or at least it felt that way. I started to feel nauseous, then all the blood rushed away from my arms and legs, making them cold twigs without a mind, just swaying in the wind that was the force pulling me. My head started feeling cold as well, the lights slowly fading to a lonely black.


          Beep-beep-beep-beep! Beep-beep-beep-beep!


          I opened my eyes and was attacked by a bright ray of light.

          “Oh. My. God. It’s already 7:30!? I swear I couldn’t hear my timer at 6:00!”


          I rubbed my eyes and blinked a couple of times, as if I was resetting my vision. I can briefly remember watching a dream but I’m not quite sure what it was exactly about. I lifted my body from my bed and reached to the floor for my fluffy slippers. I stood up and headed towards the bathroom door, swaying from side to side from the sudden movement. As I walked in, I saw the reflection of my face on the mirror on the right side of the wall; a fatigued woman in her 20s, dark circles under her eyes giving a negative impression. The dark brown hair was like a bird’s nest and her eyes radiated a deep green. I couldn’t quite feel like myself, as if I was just something taking over one’s body. Although, I do remember all the things that have happened to me in the past. The books I read as a second grader, or the games I played with my cabin-mates at summer camp. 


          I unconsciously reached for my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth, staring at myself in the mirror, wondering what excuse to tell my boss when I get to work. There isn’t anything really important today but she isn’t the type of person to allow waking up a bit late as a reason, compared to my old boss who would’ve accepted it, so I’ll have to think of a more valid reason. Maybe that I almost had a fire accident while cooking breakfast. Yeah, that’ll do.

Red Carpet Special

          The red carpet. It is where celebrities have a walk on when there is a special event. Today was the first day of K-pop’s most honorable music festival, KMF. Thousands of people were waiting at the side of the red carpet and many other people were already inside the dome, waiting for the idols to perform. Larry White, a ten year old half American, half Korean boy was one of the people waiting to see the idols arrive at the red carpet. His mom, Jimin White was a big fan of K-pop and Larry was actually taken by her since she didn’t want to go alone, and they had the money. This festival’s fee for the concert was a juicy price that normal people couldn’t afford. His father is a high brand jewelry shop manager and that was the reason why they could be here. As the tacit understanding of this event, only rich people and the related parties of them could only be here. Looking around, the people’s clothes and bags were all high brand and Larry, who wasn’t used to looking at those rich, flashy clothes felt uncomfortable to be there. Plus, he was the only child at this event. While his mother was talking with the other fans, he sneaked up to the front row of the red carpet. Since he was small, it was easy for him to go through other people. 


        Suddenly, there was a sound from the right side of the crowd. Many people were screaming and jumping. That was it. The celebrities had arrived at the red carpet.


        Larry wasn’t that curious since he was just his mother’s attendant, but the people’s shouting wasn’t normal. It wasn’t the scream when you see something scary. It was like the scream when you succeed on a test that you thought that you failed. It was a happy scream. Larry was a bit scared because many adults were shouting like they were losing themselves. But as soon as the celebrities came near Larry, he knew why. They looked fabulous. They looked unhuman. Long legs, small and handsome faces, pure white skin. Everything looked perfect. Larry couldn’t take his eyes off of them until they were escorted by the staff to go to the dome. From this spectacular night, Larry himself dreamed of becoming a celebrity without realizing i