Personal Project Midterm Presentations

Hello everyone!


My name is Grace Pilgrim, and I am the Personal Project Coordinator at Kaichi Nihonbashi. The Personal Project is the culminating project of MYP–all IB students in their last year of MYP need to come up with a project and goal, and through working on this project they write a report in which they demonstrate the various skills they have acquired and developed during their time as MYP students.


The current fourth year students have been working on their personal projects for a few months. In a few more months, they will need to finish both the project and report. At this point, they’re about halfway to the finish line. So to make sure that everyone is on track and considering seriously both their progress up to this point and what they still need to accomplish, they gave presentations.


These presentations are part of the event Personal Project Progress Presentations, or P4. The students shared their goals and the reasons they chose these goals, the research they have done thus far, and the steps they are planning to take from now. This was a great opportunity for other students to see what their peers are up to, and it’s just as great of an opportunity for the fourth-year IB students to brush up on their presentation skills and share what they have been working so hard on.